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Arizona Lawn Painting will change the appearance of your lawn to a beautiful natural green using a safe, proven product. All products used by Arizona Lawn Painting are SAFE, GREEN, and NON-TOXIC turf colorants. Enjoy maintenance free green grass landscaping year round. Arizona Lawn Painting can change the look of your property in a day and serves Maricopa, Pima and Pinal up the spaceLEARN MORE TODAY


  • HOME OWNERS as an alternative to a monthly gardener; preparing for a pending home sale or important event; save on WATER; after lawn has been painted avoid over seeding with winter rye; or to punch up the look of your lawn.

  • LENDERS & REALTORS looking to prepare neglected properties for market. A real estate home with dead lawnsign and a brown lawn is a clear sign to would be vandals that the home is vacant and unattended; a security firstgreen lawn changes that appearance improving the security of the neighborhood and increasing curb appeal.
  • HOMEOWNER ASSOCIATIONS and summer brownGOVERNMENT AGENCIES who want to maintain consistently after lawn paintattractive common areas or minimize the impact of negligent or absentee homeowners.

Licensed – Insured - Responsible
Serving Maricopa, Pima and Pinal Counties


  • LASTS HOW LONG – The lawn paint application will last approximately 90 days, depending on traffic and mowing.home before
  • STAINING – Children, Pets, Walks & Driveway or Decks - Once the grass paint has dried (2 hours is fairly standard) it does not wash off.  Turf paint is a proven product, used for years in the golf course industry and sports fields.  It is 100% safe and environmentally friendly.
  • RAIN – Once it is dry; it ishome after lawn paint permanent.  You can only mow it off
  • GRASS TYPES –  warm weather grasses (typically Tall Fescue, Bermuda and Zoysia)
  • COST – Low Residential rates for over 3000 sq ft of coverage. Pricing levels for commercial and homeowner multiple property contracts.
  • WHEN CAN YOU DO ITCall me today!


  • Dormant FALL & WINTER months when your lawn loses its color.
  • SUMMER months to save water and combat problems associated with fungus or fertilization problem

Currently serving AZ in
Phoenix, Glendale, Peoria, Tempe, Mesa, Scottsdale, Tucson

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Arizona Lawn Painting

Don’t let a dead or dormant lawn reduce your property value!

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